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Spirit Plant Readings

What is a Spirit Plant Reading?


A hand-drawn picture accompanied by an oral and written reading, channeled from different plant energies that highlight or reflect your innate talents and gifts, where there could be imbalances that are blocking you from the unfoldment of your highest potential, followed by some strategies or perspectives

that could assist you in your current circumstances and mindset.


This type of reading could be helpful if -

• you are going through a transition

• you feel stuck in a rut

• you feel uninspired by your life

• you feel disconnected to life, your purpose, and/or others


A Spirit Plant Reading can help to bring clarity to areas where

you can shine and focus your energy, and also how you can

apply the plant wisdom and use it as a tool to help break

unhealthy mental or emotional limitations and patterns.


This reading was created with the intention to inspire

individuals to develop deeper connections with themselves

and the natural world around us.


In addition to your one-on-one reading, you will receive an

original plant portrait drawing sent digitally once completed,

along with the recording and interpretation. If you would like

a printed, framed copy of your Spirit Plant Ally, we are happy

to oblige for an extra fee for framing and shipping.

Here's what a recent client said about her reading, "Hannah really hit the spot with this unexpected reading. I didn’t even know what to expect at first but her reading is so on point with my current life status right now. She’s so kind and answers my questions I have as well. Regardless of where you’re at in your life I highly recommend a reading done by Hannah. It can provide assurance , direction , or affirmation. I especially loved her custom drawing and explanation of it , it’s so beautiful and has a even more beautiful meaning to it all. She has provided me some natal charts as well which are always ON POINT.  I’d like to go more in depth with readings done by Hannah. Thank you Hannah" ~ Leslie Nicole

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