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Soul Purpose Readings


You are whole. There is truly nothing you need to do in order to heal other than to come back to the realization that you are already whole and connected to all that is. This really is your birthright and your responsibility to yourself and future generations. 


I am thrilled to be of service in this capacity. I have long been on a journey of self discovery and realization and what I have learned throughout many years of suffering and growth, can help you in opening up to the truth of your own light! 


A wonderful tool that I use to help you in this process of self discovery and healing, is the Soul Purpose Reading.


What is a Soul Purpose Reading?


First, let’s start at the beginning, bear with me, I think it will all make sense if you give me a moment to explain. 


Everything we see in our environment, meaning everything physical and otherwise, is at its very basic level composed of energy. There is nothing that is truly solid, everything is made of atoms and molecules that are made of positively, negatively and neutrally charged particles and when not in direct observation, they become waveforms. 


Sound is also energy that is moving in wave patterns. Sound reverberates out into space, when it ‘hits’ an object it changes direction and travels on or is absorbed/ integrated into whatever it came into contact with. 


Now apply this to the sound of your name. Your name has its own energy and this shapes how you experience reality in your life. 


The Principle of Correspondence 


By now, most people have heard of the Law of Attraction, in Hermetics this is called The Principle of Correspondence. Simply stated it means, “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

What you experience as outside of yourself, is actually something you attracted to yourself in order to learn the truth about yourself and the energy of life in general. This is both through the sound of your name as well as the vibration of the thoughts and images you hold in your mind, all of it contributes and it begins with the sound of your name. There is no blame or shame in this process, it is simply experience teaching you to discern, to pay attention, to participate in your life. 


The Codes of Creation


The Hebrew Alphabet is composed of 22 letters called fire letters or creation

codes. These are the sounds of creation.


In The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, Enoch tells Jacob that “this

sacred language[Hebrew] was used  because it was not primarily a language

of words, letters or pronunciation,  but the thoughts of God emanating as

flame projections. 


These thought projections of flame carry a unique sound that is in resonance

with the Throne [The center of YHWH’s programs of creation]. And these

sound and thought projections are also used in the highest worlds of Light

not only as a source of communication but of creation.” 


There are many other ancient and religious texts that speak of sounds

“seeding” our reality including the Bible and the Hindu scriptures speak of, as most people in the West know from yoga, “OM” as the sound

of creation. 


The name you are given at birth, this sound is your creation story and by using a numerological cipher based on the Hebrew Fire Letters, you can discover the secrets of your divine destiny!


hebrew letters.jpeg

I am still integrating information that practically feels like it’s creating physical changes.                                                                   -  Tessa Ferdinand

The Soul Blueprint


Your unique creation codes are displayed in the shape of the Star of David or Mer-Ka-Ba or if less than 10 letters, the shape of a triangle. The Soul Blueprint contains all the information we will need to begin looking deep into your soul’s purpose, your challenges, talents, goals and the highest destiny that your soul can experience in this lifetime.

soul profiles for web.png

Who is a Soul Purpose Reading for?

  • Someone who is ready to up level their life completely! 

  • Someone who no longer wants to participate in the matrix of fear and playing small, someone ready to become the true creator of their experience! 

  • Someone who knows that they have a bigger purpose in their life and that by understanding what that is and themselves, knows that they can have a huge positive impact on this Earth! 


Why do you need a Soul Purpose Reading? How can a reading help you?


  • See the bigger picture for your life - understand why you have had to go through the challenges you have in your life and simple, effective tools and techniques to move through them with more ease.

  • Remember talents and discover the hidden talents and dormant talents that are just waiting for you to open up to!

  • Understand the goals that your soul has chosen to challenge you to and how you can leverage your talents to reach your full potential!

  • Feel empowered to embrace and embody the amazing and unique destiny that your soul has chosen for this incarnation! 

You are here for a divine purpose and only you can fulfill your destiny!


Why do you want a reading with me, Virginia? 


I was once sitting right where you are right now, ok, not exactly where you are. Seriously though, I have spent more years of my life wondering who I am, what is this and why the hell am I here? I get it. Learning about my Soul Blueprint and what it meant was incredibly empowering and truly life changing for me. 


I know what a soul purpose reading can do for someone who is ready to let go of all their past conditioning and step into their power, because I’ve been there and used this system to help me create the life of my dreams! And I know that taking this step can provide the fuel to quantum leap you into the life of your dreams too! 

Have more questions? Want to know if our energy meshes? Set up a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out more or just see if our energies are going to resonate. 


Want more than that? You can do a Deeper Dive, which will dive into the distant past… your soul origins. 


I also offer Blueprint upgrades that can be added to your Full reading or done anytime after you have had a Full Soul Purpose Reading with me.
Those can all be found here. 



All readings are unique depending on the guidance your soul has for you. Virginia will tune into your energy to understand the guidance coming through and the messages can vary depending on where you are on your mission. At the start of the reading, Virginia will seek to understand the specific focus(es) of the reading and then will channel the guidance coming through from Spirit and your soul.

Here's some of the areas which can be explored together:

  • Your earlier life soul gifts, karma & goals

  • Your later life soul gifts, karma & goals

  • Your highest soul destiny in this lifetime

  • How to transmute the shadow and align with your higher purpose

  • Your past life karmic influences and how you transmute them

  • How to unlock your higher purpose so it synchronistically comes online

  • And much more... 

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