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What kind of leader are you?

What if you thought of the cells in your body as people? And how about if each organ was a community? Your body is a country and you are it’s leader. What kind of leader are you? Are you a dictator? A fair and just leader? What would your body say if it could tell you, would it agree?

As a leader, you have to make decisions for your constituents. The question is do you make those decisions based on what is best for the people? Or what is best for your agenda? Do you take your communities into consideration? Their wants, needs and desires or do you ignore them and focus on only what you want?

Let me share a little story with you, for many years, I was the dictator of my body. I didn’t think about my body or that it could possibly have any needs or wants beyond what I did. I forced it to smile, when it wanted to cry. I forced it to stay up later and work harder, when it was beyond exhausted. I said horrible things to it, abused it in so many ways.

At some point, my body held a coo and won. My body had had enough of being put down, put last and all around abused. My body informed me that it loved me and it would no longer tolerate not being heard.

My body made it very clear that I was not taking it into consideration at all and from now on it would just stop working properly so I couldn’t do anything at ALL, no matter what.

My body had finally discovered that it had way more power than it ever thought it did and one day when it reached its breaking point, it screamed NO! So loud that everyone around me could hear and see it.

I finally saw the forest for the trees. I could either work with my body and not necessarily get to do everything I wanted, but get everything that needed to get done or I could continue to push, but my body was going to push back too and I had a feeling it would win, only every time.

Instead, I decided to listen to my body,

just like I would for anyone who needed to be heard. I kept listening and following my body’s directions. The more I listened, the more energy I was able to generate for more things that I wanted to do (like write).

In esoteric traditions there are sayings like, ‘as above, so below;’ ‘as within, so without;’ basically, the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa.

To me, this translates to, if we want to see leaders in our macrocosm who put people and their true needs first, then we have to start listening to our own bodies, or our microcosms and putting our needs first.

Your body is intelligent. Your body knows what it needs to take care of itself, you just need to listen.

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