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Week two of herbs and tips for stress relief

Nerve Tonic:

Linden flower- Tilia spp

(Flower and leaves)

Generally mild action is a great herb to use in times of stress or depression. Works on the nervous system to calm the nerves and protect the body from the effects of stress, it does this by decreasing adrenal enlargement, has stomachic actions so it helps protect the body from stress induced ulcers as well as can help reduce heart palpitations due to stress. Has even been shown to lessen the duration of viral conditions.

Herbalist Michael Tierra suggests combining Chamomile and Linden as they pair very nicely for a calming cup of tea and together can help with the common cold, headaches and menstrual pains, as well as stress relief.

ATTUNING TO YOUR SENSES- Going through all of your senses, finding something that is tangible around you and touching it, noticing what it feels like in your hands. What's the texture? Noticing the color, or the smell of something. Our senses are great tools to use as anchors, to ground us back to reality. Getting lost in your head can lead you to disassociate with your physical body and you just need a little reminder that you in fact are a human on planet Earth.


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