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This week our stress relief focus is on an herb that acts as a nervous system relaxant

California poppy- Escholzia california

(Flowering tops & roots)

Very gentle sedative, sleep inducing action, California poppy contains constituents that promote balance to the nervous system. Due to the mild effects, This herb is often employed when working with children. It is helpful in cases of hyperactivity and colic.

Specifically indicated for waking up in the middle of the night often, bed wetting, and overall sleep regulation.

Contraindicated in pregnancy, and avoid use before operating machinery Recommended method for ingesting - glycerites work well for children and teas and tinctures are great options for adults! Another great way to relieve stress is simply moving. Movement, such as running, dancing, playing a sport or even just getting out for a walk can really help us relieve stress. When we sit too long we become like a stagnant pond. Movement can be extremely useful in grounding you back into your body, out of your head, and helping you to shake off the dead weight (literally and figuratively) . Movement can move you right out of a shitty thought pattern or rattle around a new perspective.

So let's get moving my friend!

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