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Releasing all that no longer serves, coming into balance

In honor of the Full Moon 🌕 we just had in Libra ♎ as of March 28th and all the residual energy that is lingering (you can typically feel the full moon 3 days prior and 3 days after) I wanted to share the poem below with everyone, I felt that the message was one that may be needed right now. Libra is about balance, and in order to reach a balance we must first experience the extremes. Libra also deals with relations, our relationships with ourselves and with all of life. With this specific full moon in Libra, it is extra significant because Aries ♈ season is upon us 🔥. It is time for action, time to let go of what is no longer serving us. We must drop the dead weight, we need a stable footing in order to march on. 💕🌹

This poem may pertain specifically with letting a romantic relationship go, I believe however, it can represent letting go of a certain pattern or circumstance that may have bogged you down in the past.


Remembering the first time I saw you, feeling all that I felt.

Now here I am, embracing all that was dealt.

Left without a sound, not even a trace.

How is that I can still remember the look on your face?

No measure of time and space

Could replace

The time well spent, how much it meant.

To learn the beauty and love resides in the very essence of your soul.

There is no identity.

There is no role.

With that being said,

You are you, and I am me.

That’s all it needs to be.

The rest we will wait and see.

All I wish for you to know,

Is how much you impacted me so.

This journey of greatness, I’ve embarked.

All because you came and lit that spark.

So your face will stay in place,

Fixed in my mind, this vast space.

If there is one thing I hope to remember,

Is your loving embrace

With fingertips we interlaced

Not a moment I would replace

I just want you to know, even though

It's been hard to show.

I’ve made space to let you go.

In time this love will grow

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