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How do we create space in a world of chaos?

I find myself circling back to the concept of space time and again. We seem to understand the physicalities of life and the substance or the tangible resources, but do we understand the space in-between? What does it really mean to create space in our mental and emotional plane? How do we actually create space in our lives for what really matters? The natural laws of the physical world to some degree, or the essence, apply to the mental and emotional planes as well. By observing the natural world that surrounds us we can begin to really recognize the truth of ourselves and our patterns. I believe attuning to the cycles of nature, we can enrich our lives, no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

We are a part of the natural world, it is an illusion that we have created that we are separate from it. This can lead to an ingrained fear of being broken, like there is something missing. We are whole, nature is whole. Regeneration is an ongoing process in nature and as soon as we recognize this ability, we can get out of our own ways by placing our trust in ourselves, and in our bodies' innate wisdom.

The questions come up like how do I make this feeling of resistance go away? How do I make myself feel less uncomfortable? Maybe the answer is in the original question, and with that I ask, can we make uncomfortable feelings that arise, actually go away? Is that the point? Or is it just a tactic to escape because we don't have the mechanisms internally to be able to cope with such intense feelings? Without first being uncomfortable you wouldn't recognize what made you comfortable in the first place. The point is not to cancel the feelings, or the negativity.

This idea of “cancel culture” and just deleting everything that doesn't feel good is not solving the issue, it's approaching the problem from the same place that it started. Awareness, or enlightenment is merely turning the light on in a dark room. The room doesn't physically shift, our perception of the room transforms because we see it differently with the light on. We are not here to make the bad feelings go away. We are not here to never feel bad again. We are here to experience it all and by embracing, accepting, and moving through these denser feelings, we can actually use them as tools instead of crutches.

If instead of identifying with our feelings and affirming our experiences with them, maybe we could take a moment to view them as our acquaintances, our friends, as supportive roles in our lives. We get along with some better than others, but if we actually commit to fortifying healthy relationships and connections with our feelings rather than being dominated by them, we can start to see how we can work with them, not against them.

No pressure to escape the feelings, rather a focus on softening and sinking into them, flowing with them. This doesn't mean that you let them take over but give them space, like guests in your home, invite them in lovingly, make time to hear them speak and then let them go. Say goodbye for now, bless them on their journey and appreciate the wisdom and reflections they offered. Know in your heart that next time you meet, your connection and bond will grow deeper and these energies and emotions can become some of your greatest allies.

With the awareness that it's not often others are actually seeking advice by way of venting, but more seeking the space and vulnerability to express their feelings, we can apply this perspective again to emotions. By personifying them, we can recognize that they are just looking for an outlet to express themselves. We do not have to take on their story. We can create our own.

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