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Collective Reading for week of 4/5-4/12

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

This week I decided to do a reading for the collective to see what upcoming energies we are dealing with and how to best cope and work with these energies. Things that we can focus on and anchor so that we can approach this week with more purpose and intention.

Decks used: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Spellcasting by Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-free Artwork by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

What does the collective need to know about this week's upcoming energies?

Ace of Swords & Psychic abilities: Balancing the head and the heart. Making an informed heart felt decision. We need to acknowledge the truth of our circumstances and the reality of what's in front of us and also move forward led by what feels right, and not just what we want to happen. What we THINK will be the best option isn’t always the best choice.

How can we best work with these energies?

Mother of Swords & Justice:

These times may challenge us in many ways and may feel difficult to some degree. We may be prone to criticize ourselves or other people during this time. Using our power of perception can be a useful tool in order to reframe our challenging and limiting belief structures. The scales have been tipped to one side and are in need of rebalance, focusing our strength in our core and aligning with our center. Staying in that neutral place within.

What action is needed?

The Sun, Son of Swords, Boundaries, Commitment & Animals:

Practicing gratitude will help us to stay centered so we may bask in the chaotically synchronized beauty of it all. Soak in the nurturing rays of the sun, and embody that light.

Staying on track, just keep pushing forward, accept the feelings and all that comes up and use it, roll with it, don't let it stop you just propel you forward. Accepting the feelings is the gateway into moving with them and allowing them to come up so they can be released otherwise all you’re doing is pushing them down and making them bigger, increasing the pressure so when it tries to resurface again it will explode. So we need to put up healthy boundaries in all of our relationships, including with ourselves which will allow us to take responsibility for our emotions and actions and with that the reality that we are not responsible for anyone else's feelings or actions, will follow. We must make this commitment to ourselves, to show up daily, to do the hard work. The way you perceive the world, determines how you experience it. Pay attention to the animals that you encounter during your day, these are messengers and they can help you to view things from a different perspective. Also if you happen to have animal companions, playing & spending quality time with your furry (or not so furry) friend(s) is healing, and can lead to perspective shifts as well.

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