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Northern Lights

A Healing Journey Within

If you crave acceptance and recognition and try to change yourself to fit what other people want you to be, you will suffer all your life. True happiness and true power lie in understanding yourself, accepting yourself, having confidence in yourself. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Northern Lights

“[Transforming the energy of addiction, shame, illness, anxiety, fear and anger into the energy of liberation], the discovery that liberation can be found exactly where we are - not by avoiding the sufferings of life, but by turning towards them with the great heart of compassion. And by releasing our personal grasping of them, we can learn to transform their energy and find freedom in their midst.”- Jack Cornfield, foreword in Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione


We DO have the ability to find freedom right where we are, we can change our perspective and that changes everything. 


• Do you lack energy, drive and focus?


• Are you done feeling like a victim in your life with no way out?

• Are you struggling to move forward in your life? Or to even see the point of it all anymore?

• Are you ready to take your life to a Higher Vibration and to open yourself to all of the gifts that are your true birthright?

• Did you suffer trauma in your childhood that you thought you’d worked through, but it somehow still keeps rearing its ugly head in relationships? In your work life? Through a lack of confidence or fear of moving forward?


If your instinctive response is “yes” to any one of these questions, you’re ready to take the Healing Journey Within.  


These days nothing is as it seems and the world feels upside down, yet are we really going backwards? Or are we actually ready for a breakthrough? 


  • It may appear as if you are going around in circles, spinning your wheels and not seeing any results in your life. 

  • You’ve done so much work, yet something’s still missing. 

  • The Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work in your favor. 

  • Maybe your world appears to be falling apart. 


Whatever the case, you are on the precipice, and this course will take you over the edge and beyond. This is an INDIVIDUAL Journey. One that we take together in support of ALL. 


  "Every human being has a true genuine authentic self and the trauma is that disconnection and the healing is the reconnection with it. " 

~ Dr. Gabor Mate


It’s time to take a Healing Journey Within. Deep into your inner world. 


It’s time to discover who you truly are and open up to the incredible gifts and talents that you have been given. And, it’s time to realize how you have already overcome tremendous challenges that have - and will continue to be - transformed into your greatest gifts. 


This is deep inner work, the Hero’s Journey, and we will embark upon it together. 


We cannot do the work for each other, but we can link, arm in arm together, and hold space for each other as WE ALL RISE.


We will work with a different chakra in the body for 90 minutes each week, starting with the Earth Star and Root chakras spiraling up to the Crown and fully opening to the Soul Star chakra and your Divinity. 


We will work with sound frequencies, meditation, journaling and deep visioning to release the Goddess/God within.



 During these 8 weeks of your self-empowering journey, you’ll discover:

  • How to consciously partner with your higher self to assist you in living from a higher vibrational frequency. We’ll begin unlocking new opportunities and possibilities for your life.

  • Where to meet the incredibly loving Beings who are supporting you from different dimensions, including loved ones who’ve passed, your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and others. 

  • More of the plan that your soul has laid out for you in this lifetime and how to align with the higher vibrational paths that are now available to you.

  • How to unearth great reserves of strength while discovering how to ride the waves of life instead of getting tossed around in the ups and downs. 

  • Your best way to get back in touch with the essence of your life and remember the sheer joy of creating with life again.

  • How to identify and clear blocks, as well as discovering ways you are sabotaging yourself, in order to quantum leap your path.

  • Why there are no such things as mistakes in life and how these so-called “failures” can uncover the guidance these experiences are meant to show you.

  • How YOU tap into the deep well of Divine Wisdom and the ways YOU trust your intuition and gut feelings.

  • How frequencies create our reality and how to use different frequencies to heal and activate our DNA.




In their own words...


OUR HEALING INNER CHILD class...I feel so positive about it! In today's journey I received a healing gift!! I have long struggled to do "silent meditation" and my message today was that form of meditation stifles me and I am best served by journeying!! I feel I have connected with Spirit, my Higher Self, my Spirit Animals, and my Ancestors in these last few weeks MORE than I have in the last 2 years!! I have had a wonderful and communicative relationship with the Angels and my daughter in spirit, parents, and some ongoing brief hellos from those on the Other Side for years but this journeying has widened, deepened and enhanced my spirit-ual relationships!! THANK YOU JINI!!”

~ Jane, class participant 2021


"It was surprising and not surprising to come face to face with the small child within each of us. To allow her to tell us how much she was hurting. To embrace this child and allow the healing to begin. I found generational trauma to be so profound. Thank you Virginia for taking me on this journey and for showing up for all of us." 

~ Kelli, class participant 2021

“I’ve been working on my healing for YEARS. Virginia’s Healing Journey is simply the best thing to happen for me through all of that. Even as I became overwhelmed by how much I hadn’t healed, I learned that I don’t have to be afraid of it because it’s the most powerfully freeing experience even if it’s also a challenge. I’d always heard that Healing isn’t easy or pretty. That’s true. But, it’s also THE best way to connect with my highest self. Thank you so much, Virginia!”

~ Danielle, class participant 2021


And some of the things participants have discovered for themselves... 

"I love that I can get the answers by going inward by myself." - S.B.

"I’ve always had difficulty with meditation. I’ve always required someone to guide me. I don't like silent meditation. Greatest gift for me is having that inward time and allowing this stuff to come through. I just feel it has been such a huge gift for me to find a way to really connect with my higher self, Spirit Guides! I love it!" - J.F.

"The profoundness of connecting with my higher self " - K.D.

"I got some really amazing messages and this week, I felt like for the first time, I didn’t feel scared like that fear of whatever. Even with Spirit, there has been this block and I am slowly unraveling it, releasing those fears I’ve had for so long." - S.B.

"Such an important thing for my healing process. I feel like it is such a crucial path for me. I feel like there has been so much shift for me in the past 8 weeks already. I know there is a lot more, a lot of wounds to heal, but this is a really powerful and much faster way than some traditional ways of healing." - K.D.

​”I always struggled to meditate. I needed guidance because I felt so inept. Learning that I CAN do this myself and that it’s so much more rewarding when I allow myself to just BE was a huge bonus for me.” -D.T.



Journeying Together - You’ll receive an invitation to join the group journey work space for 90 days. This is where we meet 3 times a week to do live journeys and visualizations together. Your access to this private group can continue after the 90 days for $30 a month. You will also receive access to recorded sessions as well as the live classes, there are over 70 journeys and the repository continues to grow. That’s a $90 value +!

Ready to take your healing to the next level? 

Coming Soon!

Live and in person in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 **Space is limited with only 8 seats available! 


**Availability is intentionally limited to allow us to truly hold space for each member. This is a PERSONAL Journey that we take in support of ALL. Be sure to read the fine print at the bottom of the page.


The Fine Print


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