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May 4, 2021 - Jun 22, 2021

Healing with Your Inner Child & Family of Light

  • 50Days
  • 8Steps


Time to take a journey deep into your inner world, to discover who you truly are and open up to the incredible gifts and talents that you have not only been given, but overcome tremendous challenges that have and will transform into your greatest gifts. Each week work with a different chakra in the body, spiraling up to the Crown and opening to your Divinity. Work with sound frequencies, meditation, journaling & deep visioning work unfurling the Goddess/God within. What you will learn: Explore how consciously partnering with higher self & inner child assists in living from a higher vibrational frequency, will begin unlocking new opportunities & possibilities for your life Meet the incredibly loving beings who are supporting you from different dimensions Discover more of the plan that your soul has laid out for you in this lifetime & how to align with the higher vibrational plans that are now becoming available Unearth great reserves of strength & discover how to ride the waves of life instead of getting tossed around in the ups & downs Get back in touch with the essence of your life & remember the sheer joy of creating with life again How to identify & clear blocks, as well as discover ways you are sabotaging yourself, in order to quantum leap your path Why there are no such things as mistakes in life & uncover the guidance of these “failures” And More!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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